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We conduct family Retreats, wherein we imbue all the families who attend with the spirit of Jesus, the Divine Healer. We share the word of God and expound the gospel truths in their lives and make them understand the true meaning of marriage, thus uplift the families. We see to their problems and talk to them and sow the life giving words of God into the hearts of people deepening  the Catholic Faith into their hearts, we take initiative in reuniting the broken families by encouraging them and strengthening them, comforting them and counselling them, leading them and guiding them. Above all we deepen the Catholic Faith. Hundreds of families come to our retreats and are benefitted.


We mainly concentrate on the Youth and Children in this world of growing drug abuse, child trafficking and pornography, mainly Youth and Children fall victims. Consequently, the search of mundane and various other things leads them to smoking, drinking and other vices. It is only too late that they realize that they have committed a grave sin. It is sometimes due to not getting what they want from their parents i.e. the love and affection and their valuable time. And so we in the Pious Association of Jesus the Divine Healer reach out to such Youth and conduct Youth Retreats, in which we share the Enlightening Word of God and make them realize what is happening to them, what they are into, why is it so with them  and how to overcome it. We share with them the Word of God, as we all are created in His Image and Likeness and make them realize we are his holy temple. We have conducted a lot of Youth Retreats wherein 1000’s of Youth have benefitted.

Other Retreat

We know that the one who called us is faithful and He will take care of everything. So putting all our trust in Him, the seminarians in the Pious Association of Jesus the Divine Healer are given Spiritual Retreats, Counselling and Spiritual Guidance. They are given a lot of opportunity to discern their call and opportunities to preach the Word of God with full zeal and dedication. We also ensure that every seminarian is convinced of the Gospel message of Christ and of what they preach. We also take care of the sick and the suffering, the aged, the orphans, the mentally and physically disabled, the Aids patients, Cancer patients, etc.

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