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Rev. Fr. Joseph Victor JDH


Rev. Fr. Joseph Victor JDH, is the Founder and Director of the Pious Association of Jesus the Divine Healer. He became a Priest belonging to the Congregation of the Heralds of Good News which was started by Fr. Jose Kaimlett in 1980s. But Fr. Jose Kaimlett started also late in 2003 another Congregation called Missionaries of Compassion. There was a crisis in the Congregation of Heralds of Good News as well as in his new Congregation. A division set in both the Congregations but more acutely in the Heralds of Good News. Because of several alleged factors like money laundering, vested interest, group ganging within the community for power, position and money and several other negative factors, Rome appointed an Apostolic Visitator who studied the situation of the Congregation of Heralds of Good News and submitted a report to Rome. !n the meantime some 45 members joined Missionaries of Compassion from the Congregation of Heralds of Good News. Fr. Joseph Victor was one of them. Since situations were equally bad in the Congregation of Missionary of Compassion, The group asked for direction from Rome as to whether genuinely they could live a good religious life. On the basis of the report of the Visitator, the Roman Dicastery wrote to each member a letter giving the following 5 options.
1.    "Return to full communion with The Heralds of Good News, a Pontifical Society of Apostolic Life. This would entail submitting to the authority of the officially recognized Supreme Moderator,   who   at   that   time   was   the   Pontifical Commissary. Fr. Mathew Maruvathrail, SDB
2.   Seek a transfer from the Heralds of Good News to an existing Pontifical or Diocesan approved institute or society, other than the Missionaries of Compassion.
3.   Join the Missionaries of Compassion, a Diocesan Society of Apostolic Life, formally erected in the Archdiocese of Hyderabad with a willingness to adhere to the Constitutions and Rule of that Society.
4.   Find a benevolent Bishop willing to juridically erect a new Association of the faithful whose charism is clearly distinct from The Heralds of Good News and The Missionaries of Compassion, of which you would wish to be a member.
5.   Individually seek a Bishop and a Diocese into which you would choose to be incardinated as a Diocesan Priest.
 Since the fourth option involves the formation of a new and separate entity, it would also require an individual or a committed group to approach Bishops who might be willing to undertake such a venture.

Rev. Fr. A. Joseph Victor JDH, being committed to a religious life and not willing to quit it, chose the fourth option of starting a Pious Association and make it grow into a Religious Congregation with the vision: People thirst for the Word of God, hence Word of God in all its richness must be preached today was his dictum. The Pious Association of Jesus the Divine Healer will have as its charism only the preaching of the Word of God and give His healing touch.

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