• Our Charismas proceed from deep gratitude for the goodness and love of God which is poured out for us through Jesus Christ on the cross. We too follow the footsteps of Jesus and want to participate in the passion, death and resurrection our Lord through Sacrifice in Service, making Jesus to be known to the ends of the earth.
    • Our mission is to make known God’s merciful love to the whole world so that all may be reconciled and brought into communion with God. We dedicate our lives to proclaim the Good News of Salvation through the witness of our consecrated and communal life, as the sisters of Jesus the Divine Healer in commitment to our life of prayer and mission. Our life of prayer and intercession as well as our commitment to the spiritual and corporal works of mercy flows from our charism, vision and mission.  We are particularly called to dedicate to ourselves in serving the poor, the sick, and those who are in need of renewal of faith.  
    • We embrace the life of mission doing service to the poor, downtrodden, abandoned, homeless, widows and so on by living a life with vows of obedience, poverty, chastity and Love and Attachment for the Catholic Church.  As we daily contemplate Christ’s gracious gift of love offered on the cross and intercede for the needs of all mankind, we seek to give to others the mercy we have received. Under the patronage of Mother Mary, St. Joseph and with the Eucharist as the focal point of our daily life, we live out our mission by offering our life completely to Jesus Christ, the Divine Healer as a holocaust of love and for the salvation of souls.
    • Our mission is to reach out to all the people of the world and bring faith, hope and healing into their lives, and help to strengthen the faith of the believers, in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church and to pray for the souls which, in turn will be conducive in achieving the purpose of their call and also to always contemplate on things divine and on constant union with God in Prayer, which is our first and principle duty (cf. Can. 663 §1).
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Our Beloved People

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