Rev. Fr. Joseph Victor JDH


When Fr. Joseph Victor left to start a new venture with his vision there was no money support for him except his own clients who benefitted by his preaching and promised him help in whatever way they could. It was a blessing because he could start only with God as his only security and that if God wanted this to grow into full maturity He would provide for that purpose. Today six years have passed; God’s providence and His overshadowing protection have proved true. Rev. Fr. A. Joseph Victor JDH could obtain with the help of his well-wishers, 8.5 acres at Virallipatty, Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, approved and supported by the local Bishop Most Rev. Dr. Antony Pappusamy. He has built a formation house, a Novitiate for the aspirants and candidates who joined the Congregation (Vision). As per Canonical provisions one could start first a Pious Association and develop it into a Religious Congregation. The Canonical designation of his group is “Pious Association of Jesus the Divine Healer”. And it is growing.

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